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Print this page and print required information and mail with payment

$5.95 each for 6 inch
$7.95 each for 8 inch
$11.95 each for 12 inch

( includes shipping and handling ) to Address above
If you prefer not to print page
print information on paper along with product name and description

This form is used for all stickers
Please describe correctly by name and product number
If there is an add on design indicated
(as on the Calvin stickers)
please indicate that add on
Most orders shipped within 2 days

check, cash or money order

Vinyl Stickers

We have many sticker designs available
This is by no means the complete list and will probably never be complete
We will add more items often
If you have a design you have seen or want
Please contact us

Name of sticker

If the target is a well known logo, we more that likely have that logo
If it is a design or mascot, that too we should have
we have too many designs and logos to list all here
If by chance we do not have that item we will contact you
please include email address

Color of Vinyl